WRT54GL, Tomato firmware and bandwidth monitoring via SNMP

SNMP is quite interesting if you like to control the bandwidth usage of your roomies – or family members. I for one have used it in the past to monitor my sister’s bandwidth usage. After all, this is my internet connection, and noone elses.

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Azureus and automatic download directory classification

Okay, this is gonna be a quick one.

Since i’m partially downloading .torrent files from IRC – which are afterwards automatically loaded into Azureus – and want the resulting Bittorrent-files to be downloaded into a folder other than the default one set in Azureus’ options, i’ve come across a quite interesting solution that however requires the use of two additional plugins:

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WRT54GL, Tomato firmware and Filezilla FTP Server

Alrighty folks, first entry.

I have recently switched firmwares on my Linksys WRT54GL from DD-WRT, which has, despite its bloatedness, always served me well, to the Tomato firmware.

The first thing you’ll notice is the entirely different Web-Interface. Everything is based heavily on AJAX, so the load on the firmware’s HTTP server is reduced. Additionally, configuring becomes a lot more “fluent”, as only the values that the Web-Interface presents you with, are being reloaded, instead of the entire page.

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