Chrome extension to remotely add torrents to WebUIs

It has been an entire year since I’ve last posted an article, and what better opportunity than the one year anniversary of that last post could there possibly be to present the offspring of my latest surge in productivity? None, i tell you!

About Chrome

Google Chrome, the up and coming web browser draws people toward itself in very much the same way that moths are drawn to the corona of a watchtower, exceeding the 10% mark in terms of total browser market share and thereby bringing the WebKit HTML rendering engine to almost double as many people as Apple’s Safari has been able to.

As a relatively new browser (2.5 years old), and similar to most popular applications that permit the development of plug-ins, it has always had a flourishing community of developers that try and augment its capabilities to the best of their abilities (to the extent that Chrome allows them), and today I’m taking the time to introduce one that in its current form isn’t yet known to the Chrome platform.

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