Azureus and automatic download directory classification

Okay, this is gonna be a quick one.

Since i’m partially downloading .torrent files from IRC – which are afterwards automatically loaded into Azureus – and want the resulting Bittorrent-files to be downloaded into a folder other than the default one set in Azureus’ options, i’ve come across a quite interesting solution that however requires the use of two additional plugins:

  1. AZCatDest – Category based download folders.
  2. Auto Categorizer – Rule-based automatic torrent categorization plugin.

What you have to do now is the following:

Go to Plugins -> AZCatDest and hit the green plus-button. You will be asked for a new category name. Punch one in. After hitting OK, you will see your new category in the list. Double click on the entry. You can then select the folder that Azureus is in future supposed to download the files to, according to the filters that you will set now:

If you’re done with that, go to Tools -> Options -> Plugins -> AutoCategory. This is quite easy as well. first take note of the last two dropdown-boxes. Under “Category”, select the category that you created just now. under “Field”, set either Tracker URL or Filename. This should already be giving you a clear idea of which criteria you can use in order to categorize your new torrents. Finally, under, “Trigger”, you can enter a string that either the Tracker URL or Filename should contain.

I’m used to downloading torrents from #EZTV on EFNET. They usually have an “[eztv]” at the end of their filename, so I just entered that string and used the Filename filter. Starting .torrent files with [eztv] in the filename now lets Azureus automatically download them into their designated directory.

Hope that helps someone else in the future.

EDIT: As it turns out, the input box in “Trigger” appears to also respond to regular expressions. Hence, my “[eztv]” categorized any .torrent file that had either of these letters in them – e, z, t or v to be downloaded into my set directory. Just removing the syntactical square brackets solved the issue. At least i hope so.

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