WRT54GL and bandwidth control

Hey guys,
I thought I’d just share a nice and yet powerful tool that I’ve used for quite some time to restrict certain IPs in my network to certain speeds at the WAN interface of my WRT54GL router. It has been written by robsonn from the HyperWRT forums.

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WRT54GL, Tomato firmware and Filezilla FTP Server

Alrighty folks, first entry.

I have recently switched firmwares on my Linksys WRT54GL from DD-WRT, which has, despite its bloatedness, always served me well, to the Tomato firmware.

The first thing you’ll notice is the entirely different Web-Interface. Everything is based heavily on AJAX, so the load on the firmware’s HTTP server is reduced. Additionally, configuring becomes a lot more “fluent”, as only the values that the Web-Interface presents you with, are being reloaded, instead of the entire page.

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