Android MIUI Camera for other ROMs


As someone who loves tinkering with his gadgets and tries to get the most out of them, i’ve always been somewhat disappointed with camera applications available for the android platform. Usually, they either cost money (Vignette), or are crappy anyway (Camera360), just adding some colorization filters to the functionality that is already provided by the stock Android camera.

The HTC camera applications that ship with their Sense UI are usually better than anything you’ll find in the Android market, sadly though, they rely on proprietary libraries shipped with Sense, which itself heavily modifies the Android UI system. Bottom line: unless you’re running a Sense ROM on your HTC Device, you simply can’t use the stock HTC Sense camera application.

As lots of people prefer a stable non-Sense (ha ha!) ROM such as Cyanogenmod on their device, running the HTC application is out of the question, and usually you’ll find a lot of people discontent with the stock Android camera app’s functionality. It lacks proper focusing modes (like tap to focus), the UI looks like it was written for the Gameboy and usually, you don’t find a lot of options to adapt the application’s behavior like shutter sounds.

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