WRT54G/Tomato 1.21++ Reconnect-Batchfile

UPDATE! I’ve updated the script to work for Tomato 1.25 (and hopefully upwards) – links below updated.

Some of you pirating people are downloading stuff from Rapidshare. Rapidshare, among other providers of free online storage and downloads, employ a policy that lets the user download a certain amount of data and then forces him to wait for a couple of hours before being able to again download something.

People (who are on dynamic ip connections) usually circumvent this by restarting (also ‘resetting’) their router. Some are clever enough to utilize tools for that task that log into your router and reset the connection.

People using Tomato however have been unable to use some of the Software written for that task, because as of Tomato 1.14 (changelog), in which the author fixed a cross site scripting vulnerability, just calling a URL on the Web-Interface won’t do it anymore.

I have written a php-script started by a batchfile that will let you reconnect your Tomato-running router with one click and no other tools than the ones provided.

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